Battle Stations

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Crew Member Battle Stations Torpedo Battle Stations Missile
CDR N. Lewes Approach Officer Approach Officer
LCDR E. Watts Combat Coordinator Combat Cooridinator
LCDR C. McClellandi Engineering Officer of the Watch Engineering Officer of the Watch
LT R. Broward Officer of the Deck Officer of the Deck
LT W. Orr Weapons Control Officer Missile Director
LT I. Castillo Damage Control Central Damage Control Central
LTJG R. Stewart Junior EOOW/DC Team 2 Lead Junior EOOW/DC Team 2 Lead
ENS B. Rosewood Communications Supervisor Communications Supervisor
CWO2 K. Paahao Ship-wide Damage Control Ship-wide Damage Control
WO1 Q. Westry Fire Control Console 1 Weapons Control Officer
CMDCM H. Gonzales Roving Patrol Roving Patrol
HMCS F. Dover Medical Team Leader Medical Team Leader
MMNCS B. Adler Engineering Watch Supervisor Engineering Watch Supervisor
CSSC S. Gibbons Co-Pilot Co-Pilot
STS1 C. Doyle Sonar Sonar
YNS2 T. Hoff Pilot Pilot
FT2 D. Gracia Fire Control Console 2 Fire Control Console 1