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How do you submarine?

If I join the USS Arizona, how will I know how to write about life on a submarine? That’s a perfectly fair question and one that the staff of the Arizona are working hard to answer. Our database is full of information on how our submarine operates both in character and out. We have links to great sources from the US Navy as well as some suggested articles, books, and a fantastic YouTube video series on submarines. More importantly, this is a collaborative writing group and we work together on all aspects of submarine operations. The staff, department heads, and veteran members of the group will be available to help members of all levels walk through what should/could be happening while the submarine is operating in character.

The important thing to know is that we are writing fiction and you do not need to have all the answers. We are going to do our best to write a great story collaboratively.

How to Join

Standard games, sims, or collaborative writing groups (whatever you’d like to call yours) generally have an application process that includes a full character biography and writing sample. The USS Arizona is special in that we generally have no expectation that a prospective member will know how to make a good character for our universe. So our steps for joining start with joining our Discord server.

  1. Join Discord –
  2. Accept the Community Rules
  3. Go to #write-with-us and create a ticket for the USS Arizona! This will create a biography chat for direct contact with the Arizona Staff.

The Arizona Staff, along with support from our Department Heads, will assist with creating your character, providing resources that will direct you to an appropriate career path for the type of character you wish to create. We will brainstorm with you and likely will ask to see a sample of your writing to see if you’ll be a good fit. This process will also allow you to gain a feel for our community and get involved before writing with us.

It should be noted that we are entirely open to those who want to lurk for a while before committing. We are a unique sim looking to write an excellent cohesive story that involves collaborations on all fronts from the staff to the newest members and even our readers/guests.

For more information, we highly recommend joining our Discord server.