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The events contained within this timeline are official canon for the USS Arizona collaborative writing group and override any real life/true events. Any questions regarding canon matters should be directed to a member of the staff via our Discord server. The timeline includes changes to the world political climate, events between the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of China, and the United States of America as well as other nations. Additionally events regarding females serving aboard United States Submarines and other important events have been altered or included.

This timeline will be updated as necessary and as time progresses in character. Any event that is not covered within the timeline should be assumed as matching real-world events. The current month and year is June of 2025.


The first female commissioned officers are assigned to Naval Submarine School in Groton, CT.


The first female commissioned officers graduate from Naval Submarine School and are assigned to the fleet. These women serve aboard only Guided Missile (SSGN) and Ballistic Missile (SSBN) Submarines in teams of three. Two junior officers who are qualified nuclear officers and one more senior Supply Officer who can serve as an advisor to the two junior officers were generally assigned to each submarine. Three officers were selected for each submarine due to the layout of commissioned officer quarters having three racks in each stateroom.


After two successful years of female commissioned officers serving aboard submarines a program is launched to include Enlisted/Non-Commissioned Officer personnel ranked E1-E8. At this time new personnel would be assigned directly to the submarine service and personnel already serving in other capacities could apply for conversation or change of rate to the submarine service.


The first female commissioned officers and Enlisted/Non-Commissioned Officers were assigned to, Virginia Class, Fast Attack (SSN) submarines.


Females in the rank of E9 are eligible for conversion to the submarine service in non-nuclear roles. E8s who have previously converted to subsurface warfare specialist are eligible for promotion to E9, WO, or CWO in any role.


Female Warrant and Chief Warrant Officers are eligible to convert to subsurface ratings and assignments.


The Commander of Submarine Forces and Naval Sea Systems Command announce that all Block V Virginia Class submarines and the Columbia Class (replacing SSBNs and SSGNs in the 2030s) will be specifically crewed and designed to support naval personnel of all genders. The Bureau of Naval Personnel has also opened all submarine billets and training opportunities to all female personnel. Conversions from non-submarine service personnel to the submarine service will be reduced in favor of personnel entering the service at career entry moving forward.


The first third-party candidate in the history of the United States has been elected as President as the US shifts away from the two-party political system after the political chaos of recent years. The USS Oklahoma (SSN-802) is the first Block V of the Virginia Class Fast Attack Submarine to be commissioned. The Block V despite not having been the first submarine to hold female personnel was the first submarine to be completely developed to support crew of all genders without ratios as before. Moving forward all newly commissioned Submarines of the Virginia Class, Columbia Class SSGN/SSBN, and new classes developed will follow this requirement. Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts is assigned as Executive Officer of the Pre-Commissioned Unit Arizona (PCU-803) the first female that has achieved this role within the submarine service. LCDR Watts is also inducted into the Prospective Command Officer program and is expected to follow the fast track into admiralty.

2025 – Current Year


The first third-party candidate to be elected President of the United States, Richard Aldrich, is inaugurated. President Aldrich is outspoken regarding the political turmoil within the Chinese and Indo-Pacific region of the world and the treatment of the citizens of the People’s Republic of China and their military operations. President Aldrich directs the Department of State to work with allies to fully recognize the Republic of China (Taiwan) and their views of a unified China. These efforts are fully supported by the European Union and Australia.

Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts, Executive Officer of the USS Arizona, is assigned to the United Kingdom’s Submarine Command School known as “Perisher”. The world renowned submarine command school is known as the world’s toughest and has even had it’s own TV show featuring the school. LCDR Watts is one of the few Americans honored to attend and is the first female from the US to attend.


Evidence of the treatment of Chinese Citizens by the People’s Republic of China, including video evidence, is released highlighting the Uyghur genocide. This effort surfaces through the Eastern Turkistan Government-in-Exile headquartered in Washington, D.C. Throughout the United States, the Republic of China, Australia, and the European Union public outcry demands action of governments. The United States Department of State, the European Union, the Republic of China, and Australia’s Foreign Ministry all denounce the actions of the PRC Central Government.


The People’s Republic of China makes economic and military threats against the United States and other nations supporting the Republic of China. When the responses of the United Nations, European Union, and Australia all solidify their standing, the PRC’s Central Government is forced to back off. With fears of damaging their own economic and political well-being within their party and nation.


Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts has returned to the USS Arizona after graduating from “Perisher” and is completely qualified as a submarine commanding officer. The Arizona is preparing to depart for a public affairs cruise that will feature the submarine circumnavigating the United States of America via the polar ice cap and Panama Canal.

The President of the United States is expected to speak later this month at the United Nations in support of the Republic of China’s plea to be recognized as China’s legitimate and sole government.


A terrorist plot has been foiled in Washington D.C. against the headquarters of the East Turkistan Government-in-Exile by the People's Republic of China. In response to this terrorist attack the President of the United States addresses the United Nations once again and issues a public condemnation of the PRC. Additionally, he renews his call for the Republic of China to be widely recognized by the world as a legitimate government and sovereign nation. Tension continues to escalate between China and the United States which cuts short the public relations cruise of the Arizona, skipping Hawaii. Arizona is sent directly back to homeport for resupply and to prepare for further orders on hot standby. SOSUS picks up possible Chinese nuclear submarines heading toward the United States.


Arizona receives orders for a ninety day patrol of the United States Pacific Coast searching for People's Liberation Army-Navy submarines operating within US territorial waters.